Please consider us for your next, lyric, commercial, or recap video! We would love to include you in the mix and compose something amazing for you or your business!

Defeated - Official Lyric Video

We worked so hard on our first lyric video and we're so proud of the final product. Thank you, Jelinda for trusting us with your brand!

Defeated - Behind the Scenes

This BTS series was such a joy to create! We had fun working on this series of videos for Jelinda's countdown to releasing her second single!

Jelinda Hill - Singing Video

Jelinda is a joy to work with - we were able to provide video, audio, and lighting setup for her to create this short video for her social media pages.

BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) -

The Blended Training Virtual Experience

Atlanta, GA

We had so much fun creating this video for Rachel James and Jazmin Crumley to announce their partnership in hosting this year's Blended Training Virtual Experience!

BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) - FilmYouFamily

Atlanta, GA

We love being able to capture behind-the-scenes footage to compose the story behind the story! Always a pleasure working with FilmYouFamily!