For over 15 years, our founder has been committed to ministry and serving the local church and worship is something that has become one of our core values. We would love to partner with you in ministry to provide an authentic and genuine worship experience that points to the Father. Let's join heaven and make a collective composition of worship together.


It should go without saying that Composition has a love for composition! :) We love writing songs and creating with others! Although we specialize in Christian and Gospel music, but are more than glad to partner with you for any genre!

If you're new to songwriting and are looking for an opportunity to connect with others and grow your writing skills, you need to join our friends over at Writing Rounds! This is a PERFECT opportunity to observe and then join in a free songwriting session with creatives all over the country! Head on over and tell them we sent you!

Join the songwriting fam at

Background Vocals

We are excited to serve behind you or your client for your next engagement, whether online, live, or in studio! We are ready to provide you the support you need to make an impact and compose an incredible experience for your audience!

Session Vocals

Allow us to record your next demo, collaborate as a lead or background vocalist, or provide vocal contractors for your next project! We're able to record in person or remotely! We'd love to work with you!


Allow us to record your next voiceover for your next commercial, advertisement, or video!